Saturday, September 03, 2005

Zero One makes music alive again!

You can of course read the review over at PFO, alas, I have to say I am more impressed with the unit now then perhaps even before - the simple reason for that is the fact that since my ZeroOne review, I had been listening to the Bladelius Freja, player and lastly, the Naim cdx5 (review forthcoming). While both players are good for the market they were designed to compete in, inserting the ZeroOne back into my system this morning was almost revelatory, as the unit plays on a far higher level of realism and sounds rather alive, if you can follow my drift... I copied a bunch of new cd's onto the HD and was smashed back into my Ikea listening chair as I reveled in maximum sonic bliss. ZeroOne is deffinitley on to something, indeed, it would appear that many are beginning to venture down the road of HD based music servers - if anything, it will perhaps allow for a bridge in the gap from average music listeners to audiophiles who care not only about music, but the means of its content delivery, ie. the sonic's associated with any given performance. Since more then 22 million iPod's have been sold to date (and this quarter's numbers haven't been published yet) it would appear that music is still in the hearts and minds of many, if only they could be all exposed to high quality music playback, well, that would be a good th-aaa-ng! More news and other such trivia to follow shortly... also, stay tuned for Septemeber 12th, when Microsoft will host the annual PDC developers conference, with rumors of a new build of Vista being handed out to attendees.