Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dell 2405 x 2

Dell 2405 x 2…

Off to other parts of my cumulative look at electronics and other wonders of modern scientific enlightenment: the Dell 2405, a 24” LCD monitor which you can typically grab for as little as $899 if you spend some time looking for coupons on Dell’s website. Having 2 of these is truly a breathtaking experience, considering that you now have an effective desktop area the size of a small country? Just kidding of course, nevertheless, it does serve a great purpose to me personally, as I typically have anywhere from 10 to 15 apps open at any given time (above is a real-time screenshot capture of my desktop in action). What is so neat about the Dell’s, as opposed to Apple’s equally stunning, if better looking 23” LCD’s, is the fact that 1. They are in typical Dell fashion inexpensive; 2. The LCD used is Samsung highest-end model; 3. They have built in 8 in 1 card readers and 4 (!) USB ports. Image quality is, well, superb with super sharp display and a brightness that will leave you asking yourself how you could have done without it. Editing photos is now a breeze, and my favorite music mastering software, Steinberg’s Wavelab 5 is now stunning in its usefulness. The only caveat: you have to have a powerful video card to run these displays at their native resolution of 1920x1200 – dual dvi capable video cards would be ideal; any decent ATI or nVidia card should do.