Friday, September 02, 2005

Cudos to Steve Eddy,
founder of

seriously, Steve's a great guy, and here's why!

sometime ago, I embarked on my mission to launch an all analog recording studio for making mostly live to 2-track recordings, often referred to as minimalist recordings, due to their minimal 2 microphone setup. The foundation for this studio would be two analog super recorders, the mighty Telefunken-AEG M20 and equally stunning, if ever so portable, Stellavox SM-8 "Stellamaster" reel to reel recorder. At some point I gave consideration to also obtaining the Stellavox AMI48 5 channel mixer and mic-preamp equalling the stunning results obtained from using the mic-pre's inside the SM-8, which turn out to be identical and among the finest of preamps ever designed. Of course Kavi Alexander, truly a recording genius if ever there was one, also offered his help and aid (Kavi founded a superb audiophile music label) and suggested to get a pair of British made vintage Cole microphones, available from another legend in audio, Wes Dooley, Another legend I look up to, Jim Merod, founder of the BluePort Jazz label, also gave his input and simply said this: record something already would you!? To make a long, long story short, I ended up with the Stellavox but due to the design of it, without the appropriate cables! Come to find out, the smart fella's at Stellavox designed their units around the best available connectors (then and now, keep in mind this machine was a late 1984 model) which turn out to be Amphenol-Tuchel connectors, somewhat irregular. After long search and much frustration Steve came to me by way of another good friend and manufacturer, Alan Kafton of (Alan makes superb power line conditioners "The PowerWing" and the famous "Cable-Cooker"). Shortly after our first contact, Steve had found a source for these Tuchel's and voila, we are in the process of making this all work out just fine. Steve's superb cables will be on their way to me within the next 2 weeks or so...

Can't wait to get to work with this new "office" of mine and capture some awesome music!

Neeldess to say, many friends had suggested I am nutts for going analog, but hey what fun would it be otherwise?