Thursday, September 08, 2005

Apple strikes again!

I new it would happen sooner rather then later... yes, Apple has struck again, and threw down the gauntlet for the next generation of iPod's and imitators. Steve Jobs, his usual self, launched what can only be described as a totally awesome, revolutionary new gadget, the iPod Nano - words simply cant describe the coolness factor, so here's a few images for your viewing pleasure:

Truly a work of art, no doubt Jonathan Ives, head designer at Apple, has outdone himself with this new iPod design. Also noteworthy is the fact that Apple decided to launch it with 2 colors, white and black; black being particurarly striking. Along with it, iTunes now stands at version number 5, with some nice improvements and overall benefits to the enduser. Not revolutionary as the iPod Nano, but a nice upgrade -

Stay tuned for more and perhaps a first look if I manage to score one this weekend.