Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Seems like I was a bit too hasty in (pre)announcing my podcast series - rest assured it's only a brief delay - however, the problem lies in the fact that I am using an older analog model Panasonic micro cassette recorder for the first wave of podcasts; I am supposed to receive a very nice pair of microphones shortly which will form the basis of my studio podcasts. Anyway, come to find out that Windows XP (actually I use Media Center Edition 2005) does not offer any sort of built in software to record sound, ie. from either a mic or line input on your soundcard. The little app they have, only allos for up to 60s of recording time... silly! I am in the process of getting some audio recording software for the computer to transcribe these first podcasts; I should finally have them up and running by this weekend, barring any new problems... Thank's for hanging in there for me!