Friday, August 19, 2005

Long Beach, August 19, 2005, for immediate release,

“Friends, Roman’s Countrymen… lend me your ears…” it was only a matter of time until my latest project came to life – announcing the first of a podcast series tied in with my fine colleagues and friends at Positive-Feedback Online, The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society “America’s Premier Audio Society” (

Podcasting is a relatively new phenomenon that is taking the internet by storm – it is a fused term consisting of the fabulous Apple iPod and the term Broadcasting = podcasting. All my faithful readers know by now that I have been a firm supporter of the iPod since day 1; if you are new to us and the magazine, feel free to browse through my two articles, and to see how I feel about this revolutionary new distribution medium. Most importantly, it has served as a conduit to enjoy what all of use feel so good about and is indeed the essence of this entire industry: music! I feel that the more iPod’s are sold, the more people will listen to music – kind of simple and logical, wouldn’t you think? As an advocate for iPod’s I have taken a fair amount of flak from those who feel the iPod is not worthy of audiophiles and similar attitudes; my answer to all those is quite the opposite: reading between the lines of all audio related publications is the fact that most feel that new members are needed or the industry will find itself on dire straits, after all, all these components and toys need to be sold to someone, somewhere.

My goal then is simple – to create an interest in high end audio within those who have never been exposed to the beauty of well reproduced music. I will create a two way street if you wish for all of us to exchange views, commentary, product features and reviews. If all goes as planned, and I will do anything I can to make sure that happens, we will infuse new members into our beloved hobby by using the very means this group of people feels so connected to: the iPod. Clever I say! My podcast’s will be featured on a weekly basis, the very first one being prepared this weekend at the Zu Tour in Los Angeles, August 20, Staying firmly on my toes, I will lead right into the now famously orchestrated and world renowned Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society “America’s Premier Audio Society”, bash on Sunday August 21, featuring commentary and news from the smash event (VMPS, Ampzilla, and many more!).

Needless to say I will also be featuring more mainstream news, covering a wide variety of electronic gadgets and other such devices. On a technical note, the podcast will be featured as an mp3 file, so you won’t need an iPod for playback! Any mp3 player will be just fine and you can of course always burn the file to your cd and listen to it at work, in your car, well, you get the picture. Podcast information will be featured and published on this site as well as iTunes and other such hosting sites, look for links to this page on your favorite websites and thank you for tuning in. And remember, this is Danny Kaey podcasting from Long Beach, California, please check this space frequently and tune in so you won’t miss a beat! Comments, suggestions and other trivia, please send to