Sunday, August 21, 2005

Leave it up to Bob Levi, President of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, "America's Premier Audio Society" to show us all a good time! This time the featured guests and first ever equipment was VMPS, Son of Ampzilla & the McCormack UDP-1 universal disc player, all wired up by Soundstring cables, interconnects and power chords. What was special about this event was the fact that we heard Trinaural playback of 2-channel music. Unlike stereo, which Jim Bongiorno (ampzilla & trinaural processor inventor) feels has its short comings, trinaural playback features 3 identical front speakers for more natural center fill and spatical cues.
The sound was as good as it could be in such a large room; I have no doubt that the system would have been dramatically improved by better room interaction. With me of course my trusted Panasonic dictaphone (all analog!) with some juicy and superb interviews and insights from this great event. Stay tuned to the K Lounge: music for everyone! for the podcast coming soon! Best, Danny