Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hi all, had an interesting demo going on this weekend, right here in the good ol' city of Angels. Coniciding with our very first K Lounge podcast exclusive, I have to commend the fine guys at ZuCable for truly seeing what this industry needs: public exposure!

Let's face it, most look at us as some sort of alien lifeform, visiting from another planet; does anyone actually listen to music anymore? You bet! Hint: Apple has sold more then 22 million iPod's thusfar... 22 million people can't possibly be wrong! What's so cool about the guys from is the fact that they appear to understand the concept of inviting regular music lovers to visit them and check out loudspeakers and cables that we all can actually afford - hey, now there's a novel concept, clever indeed. For more info and to hear what they are all about from the founder himself, stay tuned for our first ever podcast, "live" from ZuCable so to speak...
The event was pretty cool itself, what with anything from Yello to Diane Krall being played. Equipment wise they had all 3 speakers there, the Tone, Druid and Definition, with low level frequencies being handled by the Method subwoofer. A small-ish, 4 watt per channel DIY japanese tube amp was handling the 101db efficient speakers, with a Consonance player feeding the zero's and one's. Sonically, the event was limited by what you can achieve in a hotel room, albeit a nice one, in North Hollywood - event pictures and such to follow. Nice stuff - everyone should pay close attention to these guys! More to come from tomorrow's exclusive podcast & blog, right here at the K Lounge: music for everyone! Cheers all, Danny Kaey